Our free spay neuter program

Private donations keep our clinics running. Our waiting list never ends, in fact it continues to grow. Our island neighbours need and want affordable spay/neuter services. Please consider a donation to the only sustainable solution to prevent unwanted litters.

After a very difficult fall, we picked ourselves up and began rebuilding. Although we still do not have reliable power (10 months and counting) and with no help in sight, we will make do and continue with what we have. Humane Society of the United States have been amazing in their support so we can continue our spay/neuter program and we have also launched our outreach program. Not even a Category 5 Hurricane can keep us down !

As of April 1, 2017 the OBFCR's team has sterilized over 1,053animals. Please donate so we can continue our efforts.......

Scenes from our August 20th Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Our vets, techs and volunteers came together from Puerto Rico and Vieques to work a long, hot day sterilizing 49 dogs.

We are so thankful to have such great people who believe in our cause. Sterilization is the only way to combat the outrageous number of Satos who roam our streets; without food, care or shelter.