Our Flying Satos

Welcome to our rescue little ones!

Each one of these faces has a story, but thanks to you --- their stories have a happy ending. 

Our island is full of dogs who want a forever home. It takes work and lots of it just to get them to San Juan airport before their flights home. We couldn't do it with the help of many. Thanks to a small army of caring people, who love their island Satos and will do anything to help them find safety, comfort and love.

Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit offering free/low cost sterilization and humane education to the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Recognizing sterilization is the most effective model for humane animal population control on the island, OBFCR continues to spay and neuter island dogs and cats on a daily basis. OBFCR has also transported over 500 dogs to Canada and the mainland United States.

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